What if you didn’t have to wait to die to go to heaven?

Could you imagine a more beautiful world than what we have?
We need to come to an understanding of why your life is set up for greatness beyond belief. We all have an opportunity to be the angels of the universe.
We can solve the fermi paradox with YOU.
First off:
Would life really evolve like this?
With the capability of creating heaven?
We are a cosmic fetus born into heaven.
And now we can will heaven into existence to win this game.

But lifes HARD, how could it be HEAVEN?
Its hard because it’s best that way, easy wins are no fun. We are playing the game.
With this mindset life is heaven.
But heaven that we must earn.
Our entrance to heaven exists here, and now. It’s tangible.
There's never a reason not to have faith
If we believe it’s heaven it will be
Manifesting heaven

Our thoughts shape our reality, and if everybody believes we are experiencing dystopia, as a necessary step towards living in utopia, then we will get there.
We manifest heaven together by our beliefs which have our action. Our heaven is ahead of us in this reality, not in another universe.
Welcome to Heavenism
The next world religion will be short, sweet, and a meme.

The oddity that most people haven’t defined their relationship with fear
Heaven exists and we create it. Believe it and we will achieve it. Why would you believe we won’t

The next world religion will start meme, be turned into a cryptocurrency, and then spread to the masses.

Heaven is with the right people, with the right beliefs, there’s no stronger community than those who believe its heaven. We tried it, its crazy.
If we all collectively perceive reality as heaven, it will become it.

The future is created by the beliefs of the people which is why In a sense that the world is a manifestation machine running on a physics engine.
This is a form of automated generation of future based on current state and the future state is defined by us as humans because we have the ability to surf new timelines.
We can’t predict or control everyone else also pushing forward new timelines, but our tiniest actions have a great effect

And if you think humans are destroying the beauty of the world, stop to take a moment and realize that without a human to experience it, beauty did not exist.
We are single handedly the only known consciousness who can experience the beauty of this world and we are becoming aware that we are causing it to.

This is why fake it till you make it can help/work.

If I lived for an eternity, I would always regret not having done more, and having had my parents perish forever while I live on.
The grief of, I could’ve saved them if I had tried.
It’s only the act of trying that matters not of failure.
Masturbating, drinking, partying, are for the most part distractions, easy hits on dopamine you feel good in the NOW. And anyone who has done these things extensively has come to understand they do not bring long term happiness anyways.
If I try my best, in this world, to save my parents and fail, I would have nothing to regret, but if I lack, and let myself get distracted, I’ll live with knowing I could’ve done something.
If your parents follow societal dogma that death gives life meaning, and thus you think even if they had a fix to their ailments, they would die off then think about how this future scenario would really play out.
Society has built up these ways of thinking about death, because it has been inevitable, there is no reason to fight something that has no chance of being defeated

If I had one wish I’d use it for more wishes, in life we have just one of them and I’m using mine to multiply it

Similar to there being a Goldilock universe, where everything is perfect and ripe to support life, there needs to exist in the reality a way for your conciousness to continue. We are not just in the goldilox area to support life, we are in the goldilox time to achieve eternal life, and enter heaven.

What if you put yourself into a game where free will was an illusion. Where you made mistakes for belief of it being our choice. For us to start with an understanding of what not-perfect is, and the rest of the programmed game overall lead to a more and more perfect future. One that got better as it went on, but not in every aspect as for it to be understood at all times that it was getting better. That you had to take time to think and be grateful for the change to really experience and understand the positive change.

This is the ultimate reality
Other heaven is “just trust me bro”
The meaning of life is to find meaning. The meaning of religion is to reach heaven. Our life can create heaven here. That’s the prophecy, that’s the intelligent design.

We are standing at the gateway to heaven
We were born with a chance to realize heavens full potential.
Not just a perfect time, but with an ability to mutate the space around us to enter better timelines. To take part in heavens creation.

The path to heaven starts with dystopia.
The goal of this writing is to enrich peoples understanding of the greatness of the universe we are a part of.
Collectively we are building our future, so collectively we must believe in a better tomorrow in order to create it.
We have training wheels for a reason, enjoy the path of taking them off. It’ll be even sweeter if you earn it.

Bible Verses Relevant To Heavenism
Revelations 21:3 Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people and God himself will be with them as their God.
God, who is pure love.
No eye has seen, no ear has hear, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him. -1 Corinthians 2:9

“Make heaven tangible shirts”
(meme) Heaven is here?
(guy with gun) Always has been.
Heaven for you is not far away.
It’s time you get a clear, rational, direct approach to enter into heaven.
Heaven and Utopia are synonymous.
Not through a promise of something we have never had any evidence of in an afterlife.