Conciousness Ark | Versus Flood Of Nihilism

Conciousness Ark | Versus Flood Of Nihilism

We live in a world that rests on an assumption that we can fathom what is possible and what is not. Yet history has shown us that the impossible often becomes possible, and that the dreams that seem out of our reach become very real. Everything on this earth, every one of humanity’s achievements is simply a manifestation of how high we have previously aimed.
In Short: The future is created by the belief/wants of the whole of humanity. The easiest way to change the future is to change the collective perception of it.
Religion and Philosophy have long sense been our deepest set frameworks, marking our vision for the future and holding us to a certain standard of operating in the world. Many of the most famous ones tell the same core truths with wildly different names and stories.
In that sense religions are packaging the idea of faith, hope, and eternal life in different ways often adding a rulebook to them. Nowadays these dogmas of the past are losing their ability to motivate. As the world gets flooded with information we need something shorter, tangible, and more universal to believe in.
As Noah’s Ark protected some of the planet from being wiped out. We seek to build arks of philosophy/religion/vibes that act as doorways to faith for a better future. In an understanding of vibes, ideas, philosophies, and relationships as the eternally beneficial portions of life we focus on them as the core.
It’s impossible to take an action without the motivation to do so, the larger the motivation the more action that will be taken.
If you can change the worlds motivations you change the output of man, changing the future timeline we exist in.
There is no GREATER impact, no greater altruist movement, then switching more nodes of the human race into a path of faith, abundance, and motivation to make positive change in THEIR life, and thus others.
Not only that but with the falling rates of belief in previous faith frameworks are primed for a new global unifying philosophy.

In order to make this change and have the HIGHEST POSSIBLE EFFECT POSSIBLE I believe we need to get AS MANY people possible to agree with this too (I mean that’s no surprise).
After all, your identity creates your perception which creates your thoughts which creates your actions. If we can help point people to a brighter north star, we have a much higher chance of getting there.
Spreading this north star is the most effective thing one can do in terms of bringing to light its achievement. The core idea of the philosophies / religions below very much the same. The core goal for all of them is to provide people a new COMMUNITY to identify with that has this goal of an increase in meaning, perspective, thinking of others, etc.
Below are a variety of different brands/packaging for these ideas, from which we will be looking to create movements from. We will try each one out on a launchpad, with media, and social accounts, recruiting mechanisms, and having various thought leaders help run them, and we will see which STICK in society and spread. In business this is called finding product-market fit.
Now you may dive into this list and be like, holy shit. I cannot possibly promote all of these. I cannot possibly take them all on as my identity. Which is fine and truth. The goal is to find the one you resonate with most, and become the kick-starter of its flame or join its movement.

Focused on MUSK’s values and continuing to keep humanity alive

Focus on creation of Heaven here on earth

About finding purpose and meaning

Prepare for the singularity
Try Hard = Win

Adding “saving all humans” back to the Buddhist Mindset

Faith In The Universe

Pushing Towards Utopia
Focus on Minimal Regret

Taking in the idea of infinity

Living life based on practical beliefs

The Bibles Message, Repackaged

Focused on RATIONAL Thinking

Focus on the necessary balances in life (Eastern)

Think long term as possible