Dedicated to the existence of the only known form of consciousness in the universe, yourself.
Exist Documentary
“The gods envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal, because any moment may be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed.”
Came from this comment section:
Nihilistic and absurdist views
Fuck that.
These ideas are based off of this being base reality. These are ideas inside of a box of thinking. Inside of the box they are correct, but it is simple a box one can fit themselves in.
He’s got a disease? Yup. We all do.
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Slogan Ideas:
  • “Dedication to the Persistence of Humanity”
  • [temp]
  • Existism
    • A rational, open-minded perspective on the world. Practical reasoning and philosophy to support the pursuit of life extension. That is the basis of who we are and what we are trying to accomplish. To achieve the ability to extend one’s life may seem daunting at first but as a result, humanity can only benefit from the accomplishment and begin its journey to a better future.
  • Core Beliefs:
    • [already defined]
    • Maybe go into detail for each of them?
  • Who we are:
    • We are a group of your normal day-to-day people who seek a higher truth about the world. Currently expanding, our duty is to find the key to solving our aging process. Once done, this will allow us to resolve the ailments of the human body and reach further advancement in human society that initially was never meant for any of us to know.
  • What we do:
    • As of right now, we are in the research and communication phase of our work. In order to reach the goal that is set for us, we are constantly looking to expand our circle and we welcome all that are willing to join us. The more that we grow, the closer we will get to actualizing our objective— eventually reaching our purpose at its final stage.
  • Why?
    • The simple truth: to seek higher knowledge. By achieving this, we will find the truths of this world that once was invisible to man. Reaching our goal gives us the means to reach our full potential and advance the human race to a higher, more informed and intelligent society.
  • How?:
    • This question really pertains to the now, and you. We need all types of people from all types of backgrounds in order to truly meet the potential of advancement. We need a tremendous amount of help and responsibility that can only be achieved by you and countless others. With your help, we can spread our message and inspire other to join us in our effort to cure aging, disease, and all other ailments that negatively impact our society. If you are interested in joining our cause, please let us know— we’re more than grateful to have you on board.
      • the last sentence will be a hyperlink to the contact us page.
  • Contact Us:
    • No “get involved” page— we’ll turn that into another page accessible through the main bar. “Get Involved” and “Contact Us” are basically the same thing, so we’ll transfer the writing to another portion of the website.
    • This will allow for further expansion of the website and will help the reader learn more detailed writing of what Existism is.
Excerpts and Additional Pages:
  • The blog’s are perfect where they are— I’d like for more to be written eventually and have the blog section be able to scroll (we can use an arrow to click or allow for the guest to manually scroll)
    • I’m wondering if the “Who, what, why, how” sections would look better as a drop down menu option?
  • Core Beliefs:
  1. The more information you have, the better you are able to find the answer to a question (no shit, right)
      • [okay, first of all— this is too casual for the reader; I’m not sure if you’re trying to make a logical argument here or not.]
      • Expanding
  1. There is no way to know for sure if there is an afterlife at this time, or if that afterlife is even considered more desirable than this life.
    1. Within the next 50 years there is a chance that we extend the human lifespan by another 50 years.
      @ Jack
      • I’ve read through all of the literary work you’ve written on this website, and I feel like it would be better as a blog or honestly you should write a book lol.
      • Maybe we should make some kind of actual site for blogs that people can join and post in— idk how that stuff works tho and it’s really up to you.
      • What is the intended purpose of the core beliefs bc I want to expand more on them to be able to make a full piece that will inform the reader more about ev
        • erything there is to know.
        • I can’t tell whether this is just a logical argument not meant to be further elaborated on.
      • I really like the piece you wrote below the core beliefs, but it doesn’t fit the tone or serve any purpose in relation to the core beliefs as far as I can see.
        • I want to figure out where else to put it, because it seems better to transfer it to a more “educational” section, or more so a blog.
      Expansion on the Core Beliefs
      1. The more information you possess, the more likely you are to finding the answer to the question you are looking for.
      1. At this point, there is no possible way to determine as a fact that an afterlife exists.
      1. Within the next 50 years there exists the chance to extend the human lifespan.
      What I’m going to do with these points is turn them into a sound logical argument.
      1. The more information you possess, the more likely you will find the answer to the question you ask.
      1. The longer you live, the more information you are able to obtain.—————————————————————[Therefore]
      1. The longer you life, the more likely you will find the answers to the questions you ask.
      • So regarding this argument (Cogent), if one seeks knowledge to answers they must seek the ability to live longer. In its essence, one that seeks all the answers to all their questions must also seek the ability to live longer.
      • I believe I could make a stronger argument with the same goal using stronger premises.
      1. At this point, there is no possible way to determine as a face that an afterlife exists.
      • I’m not quite sure that this core belief is extremely essential to an argument, nevertheless I’ll delve into it.
      1. Within the next 50 years, there exists the chance to extend the human lifespan another 50 years.
      • This is likely to be true, but it needs to be applied in a way that makes it a strong and essential argument.
      This is my personal run at a set of core beliefs:
      1. As humans, we have a natural desire to expand our knowledge.
      1. This knowledge we seek increases as we age.
      1. To achieve this knowledge and satiate our desires, we must find a way to extend our lifespan as much as we can.
      1. Once we achieve “immortality”, we will have access to all there is to know (as so far as humans are capable).
      • These core beliefs are the foundation of Existism, and the driving force behind our mission.
        • I’m not sure why, but I’m really not fond of the word mission
        • I think it reminds me of the spread of christianity during the crusades and such.
          • (I really hate christianity)
        • It’s almost like a cult which is not a good look.
      • These beliefs will be set at the top of the page, and each point will be elaborated on more eloquently below.
      As humans, we have a natural desire to expand our knowledge.
      • Looking back on our long history of the human race, it is made apparent through our development of worldly objects that we are currently expanding our knowledge.
      • This is made possible through the achievements and successes of our predecessors.
      • Now, we are continuing the work that was left to us, in order to obtain more knowledge.
        • A driving force behind this pertains to the preservation of the human race.
          • We see this in vaccines, health care, scientific study, etc.
      • You can see this even in spirituality amongst humans (not religion).
        • There’s all sorts of different ways that more spiritual people seek higher knowledge:
          • Astral travel
          • Tarot readings
          • Communication with spirit guides
          • Etc.
      • Even those who are atheist or agnostic have their ways of achieving a higher knowledge through “drugs”:
        • Acid
        • Shrooms
        • DMT
        • and other psychedelics
      • It has been proven through history that we, as a race, have the desire to seek higher knowledge.
      This knowledge we seek increases as we age.
      • This belief is more easily recognized as a truth.
      • I’m not really sure if I need to elaborate further, but it would probably be a lot more satisfying to a reader if there is something to read in a following section.
      • [I’ll do that later]
      To achieve this knowledge and satiate our desires, we must find a way to extend our lifespan as much as we can.
      • Us humans have a very strong craving for higher knowledge, and we find ourselves slowly, but not fully, satiating this thirst.
      • In time, there comes a point where we begin to forget things as we age.
      • People are always conscious and even fretful when it comes to aging, as most humans want to stay relatively young and at the peak of their physical self.
      • It concerns us when our grandparents begin to forget things that you fully remember. The loss of memories can cause a lot of pain. [I can attest to that]
      • If we can find a way to manipulate the very essence of all of our DNA, we will have the ability to live forever, or as long as one would like.
      Once we achieve “immortality”, we will have access to all there is to know (as so far as humans are capable).
      • It has now been made quite clear that in order to achieve the highest knowledge possible, we must find the solution to achieving immortality.
      • If you are someone who seeks higher knowledge, come and help our effort to curing aging.
      • With this being a very real possibility, we will be capable of things that we can’t even imagine yet.
      • There are so many advancements to be made and with so much time to do so, our capabilities will enlarge at an exponential rate.
      Something I’ve never quite believed I would support due to my (what once was) dedication to my spiritual views of the universe. One thing that I’ve always believed though, is that “Science” and “Spirituality” are one and the same. People are the ones that choose to draw the line between such matters. It was always my belief that people must die in order for their soul to learn more and transcend. Somehow— Existism crept its way into my mind and has made me remember another goal I once desired. This goal is to learn all there is of the universe and “hack the simulation”.
      It is true that we are most likely in a simulation as of right now, and if(since) so, my strongest desire is to be able to find my way out of the simulation. This, to me is an ultimate form of transcendence. To live a life free of death means that my consciousness as of right now will be the one to transcend. I do believe everything happens for a reason. But in another sense, the universe may be trying to sever me from this path as I have been let go from this job. I suppose the only way to find out is to take everything day by day. I know I won’t find a job as good as this one, since this job became my dream job, little did know.
      But who knows. Maybe we aren’t supposed to live forever and this is the universe making it so. Either way, I will keep on living my life as it is. This job was the only thing keeping me in California, so now it certainly looks like I’ll be moving to New York this coming summer/fall. What will become of this dream? Will it wither as I begin to focus on other things once in New York? Will it still be as strong of a desire as it is now as weeks and months follow? It’s hard to say, and only with time shall the answers reveal themselves.
      There’s been a lot of talk about transcendence lately on my TikTok algorithm. I wonder that if given the chance to live as long as you’d like, would you be able to reach this point where you are able to free yourself from this plane of existence? Or is it only achievable through death and reincarnation? Those are the biggest questions I am currently asking myself.
      I have come to the conclusion that Existism is something that must be achieved in order to understand this, as it opens the playing field. If Existism is not meant to be, it is quite easy to kill yourself anyways while being able to live as long as you’d like. So in actuality, it’s something of a win-win situation. On the other hand, my current status in life appears to be challenging my ability to support and work on the goal that is Existism. Interestingly enough, I had a fight with my boyfriend this morning— to me, over something quite trivial. I’m very worried about my own actions and their consequences regarding my relationship. I don’t want to put any strain on it and do anything to lose him. I’ve been reckless in my actions and thinking, but I know that the longer I stay away physically from.
      I want to be a part of this terribly so, but I can see and feel everything fading away unfortunately. So I am writing this passage as a reminder to myself of what my drive is, and ask myself why?
      What do you believe in, and why do you believe in it?
      Existism. I hope it will give me the knowledge I need in order to transcend.
      • By being able to live forever, I will be able to accomplish the goal I set for myself as a child— to know all that there is. To know everything.
      • Now that I’m older I don’t think it’s possible to find the knowledge I once desired. I now crave the ability to know more than what is possible to know in this dimension.
      • It was not too long ago when I had this epiphany in the shower that this was what I was born for or meant to do.
      • There’s a very big chance that I won’t be able to do this, as my current situation in life makes it almost impossible for me to be able to strive for achieving this.
      • Maybe in my next life.

      The gamblers dilemma.
      In this case one either makes it past the point of mortality, or doesn’t reach it.
      Given the chance, the optimal choice is to try. And it leads to an atypical life, which is often more fun.

      Existism video -
      Hold up stop sign
      • this video may save your life

      I got shamed constantly for narcissism and selfishness as a bashing of my goals for curing aging. It wasn’t until I thought of this analogy that I could see clearly through the hate.
      I am dieing. So are you.
      Because of societies built in death acceptance, fighting death is just becoming not taboo.
      Fighting something like hunger on another hand, is simply expected.
      And if I am hungry and lots of other people are hungry, it’s expected that I’m going to feed myself first.
      With curing death it’s no different. Except it’s more like figuring out a new method in getting food, the only selfish thing would be not sharing that method with others.
      Why do I want to save MY life?
      Why do YOU want to eat when you’re hungry? We’d die if we don’t.

      The infinite wager
      A rational take on a life lived optimally.
      Over the course of this discussion different points and ideas will be made.
      You may already be immortal.
      Mind VS matter
      Mind is in matter but the matter has a time limit in mind. Mind you, we want to change that. Aging is the cumulative of damage that comes over time. That same time can be spent to diminish the chance that damage permanently removes your mother, father, brother, sister, or self from this reality. At the very least, it can effect the level of suffering and quality of life one experiences for the last decades, in terms of having an effect on the slow rot.
      Man has an awareness of his own splendid uniqueness in that he sticks out of nature with a towering majesty, and yet he goes back into the ground a few feet in order to blindly and dumbly rot and disappear forever
      • Ernest Becker
      Immortality means living an eternity with what we’ve done.
      The Spread
      The Digital Mission:
      Mormons still knock on doors, interrupting people who don’t want to hear it. What a poor means of getting the word out there about a movement, it makes sense that a old movement would still use old ways of spreading. With new times, we have new info people haven’t heard and new, more effective ways to reach people. Right now that is Tiktok and Youtube.
      Is fighting for your own immortality selfish?
      If you’re starving you arnt motivated to give others food you’re motivated to put food in your belly.
      If you’re a good person once food is in your belly you start looking out for others.
      On a flight you out on your own oxygen mask before putting on others
      We will first save ourselves but we will then turn the fight for our brethren
      The strongest thing is community, vision, and values, identity

      Life alliance
      Death defiance

      Everyone is an existism believer in the present unless suicidal.
      We place our limit at whatever society tells us is acceptable

      Imagine you’re 85 years old laying in a hospital bed, you slip away, the next day cures are giving to people in your ward
      If you had just started a day earlier, you would’ve been immortal
      The stuff you do tonight could be the difference between you seeing your great great grandson be born or not
      And with that, indefinite amount of time to explore the galaxy

      If an ultra rich guy is the one to complete this cure or AI, then likely it will be for his rich friends and then be sold to make him richer his limbic system will be placed into the core values of the machine.
      The only way we have control, is if we create it, then we could actively distribute ourselves, first to our members, who are progressive and in a community of love, and hope and fairness and we’d be able to create a new world of good people.
      Otherwise we can hope, that at a certain intelligence level. Love is the only trait that can exist.

      It’s not that we are fully opposed to dieing forever, it’s that we don’t have enough information on it to knows it’s safe
      Living is the greatest gift we have so far. We can always go into the abyss, if god is good he’ll understand wanting to stick it out for another round.

      Existism Advertising:
      This _____ makes you live longer.
      This _____ might save your life
      Check/Review the science Existism.org/the-______
      Find out how... Existism.org/the-______
      lanyard, shirt, billboard, video, landing page
      This shirt might save your life
      Find out how
      This billboard scientifically makes you live longer
      Landing Page:
      How does the ______ make you live longer?
      Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect?
      If you have, you likely heard the story of a buterfly who flapped its wings and that subtle change in pressure was a part of a storm acorss the world.
      Or by googles definition:
      "the phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere."
      This is often thought of as a random course of change. Where the event of course completely changes the way reality moves forward, but in a random fashion. However, when it comes to you on this site, increasing our traffic and this our page rank on google. And thus our words written here being seen by more people. The effect that words have by people that can understand them is not random, but rather has effects in a quantifiable direction. The effects size depends on the source, and how much it resonates with you, the interpreter. How much does it change the way you perceive things on a daily basis?
      In the most direct sense, we tell our youth what is right and what is wrong.  We teach through words. Our civilization is only possible through language.

      People thinks it’s weird that I started a religion based on devoting my life to giving humanity a better chance of continuing onward, I think it’s weird that they use wooden paddles to put a plastic ball over a 2 inch net and that’s what excites them. Ignorance is bliss I guess, whatever you want to do with your chance at resonating with the infinite is fine by me.

      Existism needs to help create the singularity AI, because whoever builds it first has the only one and decides the future of all humanity
      Spending a thousand years relaxing in the Maldives would truly be amazing. But first we have to complete step one... defeating aging, the disease every single person on the planet has. There may be some questions though...
      What about god?
      What about global warming?
      So Let’s lay down some facts, answer these questions.... and I know this may seem crazy but I’ve thought a lot about how a life would best be lived, what to do with my time. And I know this is entirely unconventional, but I also know that time is limited, and going through this same deal with a bunch of girls on coffee dates will take forever. At the end of the day the thing I care most about is someone who wants to live life differently, I have it figured out so far, but I’d rather not do this alone. So if that clicks, next up is the passion and connection. Doesn’t matter the state, I’ll fly you out. Unconventional, yes. Will it have the best chance of leading to finding someone who shares the same passion for life that I do, also yes. So unconventional it is, if my partner is close minded to this plan of action in finding them, then that’s not a someone I want to be with anyways. Let’s answer the goal questions first, then on more onto my life story, and why I’m approaching finding a partner like this.
      First off, there exists a single point in our human future that will lead to aging being defeated and that point could be within your lifetime. If it is, you could live in perfect health as long as the universe can sustain life (we estimate 100 trillion years), otherwise you may meet certain death. We’ll get to how in a bit it could be eradicated, but first let’s answer the religion question. No one can say for certain there is a god, a heaven, or a hell. But we can say that if there is a god who decides whether you make it into a heaven, and that god is good, he will base your entrance to heaven/afterlife off of your morals and your actions. If the god/higher power is bad and only cares about how much you worship him and believe in him. Then he is not a god worth worshipping in the first place.
      So now we have a base to live a good moral life, while attempting to make it longer, because hey, there’s no denying a chance that life really is just here, and death really is permanent. Personally, that scares me, but this isn’t all a fear of death. More so a love of life. The love, is what makes the fear. The fear of losing something loved. Which is one reason I’m trying to increase the things I love, so I have more to fear losing, thus more motivation to save it. Now lets answer the how.
      Genetic engineering. Our DNA can be thought of as a language, one we don’t understand yet, but once we do... Say hello to perfect health forever (just don’t get obliterated all at once). How close are we to that? The first human genome was sequenced in 2002. We took computers from being a few MB the size of our house. To multiple GB the size of our thumb within a few decades. The same path is happening with our understanding of genetics. This also provides a solution to the question of global warming, animals develop certain traits to live in certain temperatures, for polar bears a thick coat of fur, and for us, sweat. There’s no reason we wouldn’t be able to manipulate our bodies and our crops ability to survive in a warmer climate. Now this is a backup plan, I am definitely all for saving the earth in its current condition and believe that’s extra possible with the same thing I’ll go over next.
      Could our actions really be the difference in us making it to eternity, or facing the void? YES. You are probably familiar with the butterfly effect. The smallest changes COMPLETELY changes the future. Normally this is thought of in a random sense, but we are going to utilize it in a directed sense. You see, this message and ideology is like a germ, I’ve infected you with it, and thus you now carry it with you wherever you go, in the right conversation, infecting others with it too, or at the very least it’s propaganda towards pushing towards life extension and living purposefully. So rather than a random effect, the effect is towards life extension. And over enough time, that effect could be the butterfly that cures aging. If that sounds far fetched look up some real world examples of the butterfly effect. It’ll help you understand how the smallest actions, can completely change the reality of the future.
      Ive talked extensively with my close friends on the matter, and we are all in. My friend just moved from San Diego into the main house, I moved out to the guest house and now the fun has begun. We decided to file for a religion on it, becoming legally recognized by the US. No more taxes for eternity lol.
      Living a life with purpose has changed my own completely, the world feels like a playground, like I am solving a puzzle. Imagine being one to help make that a reality. To have the foresight, and for every generation onwards to know your name. It’s like being a famous person in the history book, except you get to be there for it. Be one of the first.
      So I explained this all to my mom. She was worried that if I spent my life trying to attempt this and didnt complete it. I would die resenting having spent my life only to fail. However, I would only have resentment having lived a beautiful life, and have to see it fade away, to not see my grandkids grow up, to not have tried. Having tried, I would know I gave it my best, and that would let me rest in piece. Sometimes, you’re late, and that doesn’t mean my efforts wouldn’t help millions or billions of others find it before they enter the void.
      Now a bit of my life story so it’s understood where I’m @ and why this is what I feel is the best use of my time. I was in a frat, watched the older guys leave with alcohol problems, hard drug addictions, and broken relationships. While the party life had its memories that life simply isn’t sustainable.
      So I decided first thing to do is check off finances off the list, so I started a few businesses, failed some, girlfriend wasn’t supportive of it, she wanted me to lay in bed with her and watch kardashians, and I just wanted more out of life. Then one hit, (Https://Betarian.com) and made enough passive income that I felt safe dropping out of college. I made it run automatically and worked towards a second business to increase the safety net, and have had even greater success. At this point I don’t need to go into the warehouse, just once a week for team meetings. With the extra free time the next chapter of my life has begun.

      There are two options, immortality or extinction.
      We already have doubled our average lifespan in the past 100 years, do we consider this wrong?
      Either longer lives or shorter ones.

      Human immortality roadmaps