The Great Test

The Great Test

We need some structure and understanding to this world, else we are going to have a rocky push through to the future.
The fact is that now most people realize and believe a turning point of man, the point at which artificial intelligence reaches human level, happens in the next 10-30 years.
This embarks us into a new era where WE need not apply. We are less reliable than machines, we cannot scale well, we cannot exceed a certain level of intelligence.
To be born into Utopia
Competition in Utopia.

Utopia now
The gaps are left for us to fill
There’s never been a time when your life could be more meaningful.
Utopia is the time when the opportunity for maximum purpose exists

Its time for the world to have a new religion...
I’m not here to fail the race
Racing leaves a legacy
Trying is a trophy life
Much better than a trophy wife